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Introducing 100% Human Hair of the Finest Quality



Perfectress Quality Hair

Our PerfecTress hair extensions are luxurious 100% supreme virgin remy human hair of the highest quality. No other hair extensions can offer consistency in quality, versatility and longevity. Formulate style, length, and glamour to your hair with extensions, volume and length. It can be added to your hair exactly where you need it and can even achieve the effects of highlights, lowlights, and texture without chemicals. Transform your style from average to amazing with quality hair extensions. Available in 12" - 16" - 20" - 24" - 28".


  •     Do not damage the natural hair

  •     Safe to wear

  •     Hold securely

  •     Easy & fast to fit.

  •     Easy & fast to remove!

PerfecTress extensions use the latest technology and a special connection system that is safe and that will not damage your natural hair. The special connection process was developed after consulting with experienced educators and stylists who wanted a top quality product that would offer exceptional results for salon clients.


Not only do we use High Quality 100% Remy Cuticle Human Hair from PerfecTress, the extension itself has hair on both the inside and outside. Both our Sew In Technique and Transformation Connections are safe and do not damage the natural hair.


With other hair extention types most times new hair must be purchased each time its reapplied. Not with PerfecTress Quality Hair. PerfecTress hair extensions can be re-used multiple times after the first application and many can be worn from 6 weeks up to 3 months dependening upon the hair extension selected and the application method prefered. Not to mention some of our extension selections can last you up to 2 years when cared for appropriately. With proper care, adjustments, and maintenance your extensions will remain beautiful. Considering that they can be reapplied more than once makes them more affordable than many other brands. You can have a superior quality extensions for less.


There is no damage or sticky residue left behind on your natural hair when you remove these extensions. They can either be removed completely or adjusted and reapplied for continued wearing with a painless, fast and easy process!

The quality, affordability, ease of application and superior technology make these extensions some of the very best in the industry. Read more about our quality hair product line below and contact Doria Me'Chelle Salon & Spa for a complimentary hair extensions consultation. Our stylists will be happy to provide additional information and offer specific recommendations suited for your needs.


The Perfectress Hair Experience

Experience four exclusive hair extensions systems with two quality secure application techniques.



Premium Weft Hair
Weight: 115 grams (4oz)

Popular for braiding and sew-in techniques premium weft hair has a natural tapering at the ends making them a good choice for many different applications.

Guaranteed no chemical treatments have been utilized on these extensions. The hair is cut off, cleaned and made into a weft, no more no less. This process ensures a high quality product that will last a long time. Supreme Virgin Hair is only available in one natural dark color and three textures that can differ slightly from batch to batch.

99.9% Remy Quality Guaranteed.

Tangle free hair that could last up to two years or more. There are also no short return hairs on the top of the weft. This means you'll no longer have short hairs sticking out or matting at the roots or causing a itchy scalp.


Flat Weft Hair
Ultra Flat & Thin 0.5 mm (0.02")


By far the thinnest application extension for sew-in techniques. Flat weft hair is soft & flexible and secured with a very secure micro sealed bond and eliminates bulky weaves. The weft can be cut anywhere without shedding. Rest assured it will not shed hair or lose strength.

Our ground breaking technology has made it possible to create the thinnest weft ever! There are never short return hairs on the top of the weft. Which means you won't have short hairs sticking out causing matting and irritation at the roots.


Tape Weft Hair
Suitable For Fine Thinning Hair


Create volume, highlights and length instantaneously by taping two Tape Strips together with a small amount of natural hair in between.

Hand Tied Perfect Tapes are a much improved version of previous hair tape systems and are rapidly gaining popularity for a few simple reasons. It is a fast and easy way to add colour, volume or length to natural hair, is easy to apply, comfortable to wear and re-usable.

We guarantee they will hold for at least six weeks without any problem. Experience has proven that they can last up to 3 months. Also because of our unique way of attaching the tape to the weft, and the quality of tape used on our Tape Wefts they are unbeatable.


Connections Hair Extensions
No Heat, Glue, Adhesive or Beads


Our latest technology has empowered us to create a completely re-usable Hair Extension System which can be re-used up to three times after the first application.

This allows you to wear them for up to one year with proper care and maintenance, making them affordable and attractive for all.

The hair and ring are built in one streamlined design and can withstand all hair chemicals and won't crack.

The ring is made from a special aluminum alloy, precision machined with an automatic lathe, all the edges are rounded making it impossible to cut the natural hair or hurt the scalp. All the rings are colour matched on the inside to the connection hair. Easy and fast to fit, a full head takes between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Easy and fast to remove with no residue left in the hair. Connections are easy to refit and can be done 3 times after the first fitting.

The ring is covered 360 degrees with hair on both the inside and the outside. Once attached the Connections become very flat and hold securely without any damage to the natural hair. Our Connections are safe to wear, do not damage the natural hair, will not slip and are very easy to remove. Connections are designed to enhance your natural hair by adding volume, high or low-lights and length. In addition they provide texture and highlights without chemicals.


Hair Colours Available



Hair Textures Available