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Laser Skin Care


Exclusive to Doria’Me Chelle, LHE Phototherapy is the newest technology utilizing Light and Heat Energy to treat various skin conditions such as Acne, Tone and Texture Improvement, Vascular and Pigmented Lesions and Hair Removal.
Phototherapy provides:

• Non invasive, non abrasive treatments
• No downtime
• Proven safe for all skin types
• Clinically proven results


Acne RX Photofacial

Light Heat Energy technology that safely and effectively destroys acnes bacteria, with concentrated pulses of light and heat. As a result, acne is eliminated, inflammation is decreased and skin returns to its healthy environment. No downtime and noninvasive. Great alternative to Accutane/antibiotics.

Package Bundle Savings:
Pre-pay for a package of 8 and receive 1
treatment FREE!
Pre-pay for a package of 12 and receive 2
treatments FREE!

• Series of treatments are recommended
• 8 sessions, 2x a week for 4 weeks (treat all
effected areas); if localized, treat area only
with lesions
• Re-evaluation after 30 days from first treatment
• NEOVA Purifying Cleanser, Power Defense,
Breakout Swabs, Reveal Exfoliator, Matrix
Active Retinol and DNA Damage Control Sun
Products recommended

30 minutes-1 hour depending on area
$55 for localized area
$70 Entire Face
$100 Back



Natural Rejuvenating Photofacial

An advanced cosmetic treatment designed to produce younger and healthier looking skin. Photo Rejuvenation uses LHE, Light Heating Energy, improving the effects of aging. No downtime and lasting results! The most result-driven facial that will help dramatically improve skin’s appearance, reduce ­ne lines and wrinkles, enhance skin texture, treat broken capillaries, and eliminate brown spots and red spots. Includes deep pore cleansing/exfoliation and a boost of a moisture mask to return the skin’s hydration levels. Also, a great treatment for Rosacea patients.
Your skin will thank you for this one!

• Full treatment consists of 4-8 sessions
• Maintenance treatments recommended
• NEOVA DNA Total Repair, Power Defense,
Herbal or Radiant Cleanser, Moisturizers,
Re­ning Eye and DNA Damage Control Sun
Products recommended

60 minutes $175
4 Session Packages
Hands: $350
Neck: $500
Full Face: $600
Decolletage: $600


Photo Revitalization: Removal
of Pigmented Lesions

Remove your skin indiscretions with LHE treatments and return your skin to its natural beauty. LHE Phototherapy can accelerate the improvement or removal of hyperpigmentation. The results following this treatment are improved skin tone, removal and reduce pigmented and vascular lesions and even texture and skin tone. Hyperpigmentation triggers are lifestyle, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and hormonal. LHE technology has the ability to change and improve your skin due to these triggers. To suppress melanin’s ability to resurface, sun protection is always recommended following these treatments.

• Series of treatments recommended
• 8-12 treatments depending on severity of
• Treatment every 3 weeks for 3-5 procedures;
results may take up to 8 weeks and hormonal
hyperpigmentation may take longer
• NEOVA recommended products: DNA
Damage Control, Serious Clarity 4X, Radiant
Cleanser, Reveal Exfoliator or Microdermabrasion
Scrub, DNA Total Repair, Power Defense
and Illuminating Eye

Series of 8 treatments
Face $850
Decolletage $650
Back of Hands $450


LHE Hair Removal

A new generation in hair removal systems using LHE technology that enables hair removal from virtually every part of the body (except eyebrows). This unique treatment is quick, effective and no downtime. This safe and reliable technique selectively targets and destroys only the hair follicles while avoiding high heat levels. Light based hair removal is based on the theory of selective photothermolysis, using high energy light source to target the melanin in the hair shaft and then converts that light to heat inside the follicle, damaging the bulb and root responsible for producing hair.

Series of 6 treatments
Small area $475
Medium area $750
Large area $1500

• Minimum of 6-10 treatments recommended
• First 3 sessions are treated every 2 weeks
• Remainder of sessions treated on 4-8 week intervals
• NEOVA products recommended: CU3 Post
Laser Lotion, Maximum Body Repair, DNA
Damage Control Sun Products

Hair Removal A La Carte Pricing

  • Small areas: 70.00/per small area,per session.
  • Upper lip/lower lip - from the corners of the mouth to the nose.
  • Underarms - the axilla.
  • Chin - from corners of upper lip to two inches under jaw line,lower lip included.
  • Areola - area 1 inch around the nipples.
  • Brow (glabella only) - center of brow.
  • Ears - Lobule and helix only(cannot go into orice).
  • Navel - abdomen trail from navel 1-2 inches in width down to pubic area.
  • Cleavage - area between breast only.
  • Bikini - inner leg area 2-3 inches around bikini undergarment.


Medium Areas: $100.00/per session

  • Feet - from below the ankle to the bottom of toes.
  • Hands - wrist to fingertips.
  • Neck(back) - from the end of the hairline to the top of collarbone.
  • Neck(front) - (female) 2inches under the chin to the top of the collarbone.
  • Neck(front) -(male) from Adam's apple to the top of the collarbone.
  • Sides of Face - from mid-ear across cheek down to jaw line bordering corner of the mouth, including the chin.
  • Cheeks - from temple across the face to thenose.
  • Forehead -from temple to temple on the sides and from hairline to Glabella.
  • Buttocks - glutes.



  • Extended Bikini - bikini area plus the inner thighs extending out 2-3 inches.
  • Abdomen - from the bottom of the rib the top of pubic area.
  • Shoulders - top of scapula to the collarbone,no more than 4 inches.
  • Lower Back - from natural waistline to the top of buttocks.
  • Upper Arms - from Junction of the shoulder & arm to the elbow,includes anterior & posterior surfaces as needed. Does not include the top of the shoulder.
  • Forearm - elbow to wrist, includes anterior & posterior surfaces as needed. Large Area: $200.00/per session.
  • Full Face - includes lip, chin, sides of face & cheeks.
  • Chest - from the collarbone to the bottom of the rib cage.
  • Full Arms - Upper arms & forearms combined,anterior & posterior surfaces as needed.
  • Upper Legs - from the bottom of bikini area to the top of the knee, anterior & posterior surfaces as needed.
  • Lower Legs - from top of the knee to the ankle, anterior & posterior surfaces as needed.
  • Back - from the top of the shoulder blade to the natural waistline.
  • Brazilian - (Female) bikini area plus labiarectal area.
  • Brazilian - (Male) bikini area plus anus.